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Asa Diamond water

Asa’s Diamond Water

The Incarnation of Asa’s Diamond Water.

Okay girl, this is where I knew for sure Asa was more than just eccentric. She is crazy. This was the first time fans get to know about Asa’s business endeavor ‘Diamond Water’. Shortly after the chaotic trip to Las Vegas which ended in GG and Anita feuding Asa felt motivated by the drama feeling recharged. Diamond Water is a term she came up with to describe a feeling she has. She collects flowers that are prevalent in Iran and reminds her of her grandmother. Then she goes to the ocean and gets a big flask of water and puts diamonds in it. After the energy of the diamonds to get infused in the water and then puts the flower petals in there and puts the water in little bottles for herself. Once she sips the diamond water it instantly connects her to her inner Aries Fire Dragon Intergalactic Persian Princess. It’s like magic to her. Wow! I didn’t make this up.

In an appearance on What What Happens Live she talks more about the Diamond water and the price. You can actually get the diamond water from RealDiamondWater.com. It’s going to cost under $3 apparently. She now calls herself the Priestess of Diamond Water.

Asa Soltan Rahmati

Meet Asa Soltan Rahmati

Meet Asa Soltan Rahmati of Shahs of Sunset

The most eccentric, eclectic and artist of the Shahs of Sunset cast Asa Soltan Rahmati. The musically gifted star of the show explains she moves to the beat of her own drum. Her attitude and style seems to be the cause of a lot of drama between the girls. You can imagine Asa and GG going at it. The two polar opposites of the cast.

Asa is 100% Persian. Her love is music and something she has perfected and been working at since she was little. On season 1 she was in the middle of putting together and EP which included the odd single “Gold”. The music video featured an appearance by Shahs co-star Reza Farahan who appeared shirtless. She does what she wants artistically.

Asa claims authenticity is the most important thing in her life. She refuses to conform to the standards and stereotypes. She had to think twice about being in a reality show. I don’t think Shahs of Sunset would be the same without her. Asa hopes people get to know the other facets of her culture. Persians are not just walking bags of money they have personalities, real stories and live real lives. There is a whole wide variety of levels to Persian Americans.

gg is not wearing H&M shahs of sunset clip

Asa Accuses GG of Wearing H&M

Asa and GG Fight Again

On season 1 episode 1 we get to see the cast of Shahs of Sunset all together in the same room for the first time. This is where the drama seems to begin. Before filming began all them were close friends. Asa and GG were childhood friends and went to the same school together. It seems as the ladies got older their bond dissolved and they grew interest in separate things. GG loves to shop and be fabulous and Asa likes the arts and is trying to establish a music career. Although Asa constantly says she’s not the stereotypical Persian and she isn’t into superficial things this girl accuses GG of wearing H&M. Trying to insult her. That makes no sense! Isn’t Asa the none superficial, express yourself girl, but she calls GG out for not wearing an expensive outfit. Of course this comment sends GG over the edge. GG describes herself as a Persian Barbie and fashion is her thing.

Reza explains that telling someone there wearing H&M in their group is basically calling them a “broke ass”. With the luxury cars parked in their 12,000 square foot homes we obviously know no one on Shahs could be broke. So the eccentric, hippy, artistic, spiritual one insults the fashionable popular girl over her outfit. Then GG replies by calling her Ghetto. Oh No!!! Asa takes it even further by bringing out GG’s dad and how his bankroll takes care of GG and spoils her. GG gets even more personal and makes it clear if she ever brings up any member of her family she is going to get it. GG basically shuts it down and that’s the end of that.

Now we can see why these two never seemed to get along after this.

Asa and GG fight

GG vs Asa Fight

GG vs Asa Fight Shahs of Sunset Season 2

This was actually one of the biggest highlights of last season. In this quick video clip you actually see the fight between Asa and GG as it exploded at an outdoor pool party. Asa and GG’s relationship goes back along ways. Although both of the ladies are two complete opposites they still shared a bond with each other growing up together in Los Angeles. Before the show began filming they were close. Once viewers actually get to meet Asa and GG on Shahs of Sunset it’s hard to believe they were actually friends. GG is very superficial and high maintenance and Asa is the “anti” everything. Asa follows the beat of her own drum. In season 2 the former friends fight over a comment that Asa made about GG’s male friend.

Asa made a comment about his big nose. The fight escalated and GG defended her friend after the insult by Asa. They exchanged words and GG turned into the Rottweiler. On WWHL GG explains that she is very loyal to her friends and felt that she had to defend him. It was a complete insult from Asa who never met the guy before and the first time she sees him she makes a rude comment about his nose. The ladies explained the root of the fight and the after math on the other clip from WWHL you can watch here. GG seemed to be a little disgusted with her behavior.


GG Golnesa Sweet Brown Cynthia Bailey

Reza and Asa Interrupts GG’s Interview

Reza and Asa Interupts GG’s Interview on WWHL

In this second clip to this festive episode of Watch What Happens Live Reza and Asa phone in to the show. One of the callers phones in first and ask GG, “Why continue to validates Asa’s opinion when she doesn’t mean anything to you?” GG explains that Asa is one of her friends and they have a long relationship but now Asa seems to be irrelevant. Surprise surprise Asa is on the other line. Reza explains he called to ask GG if she felt the fight they got into on the show was escalated by MJ. Watch the clip below to see what happens.

Asa Gold Music Video

Asa Soltan Rahmati Gold Music Video

Oh my oh my! Asa Rahmati completely explores her true uniqueness in the music video for a song that only she can understand. ‘What You Know About Gold” she chants in the chorus denouncing 16, 17 and 18 karats and 24 karats she’s sold. We all know the entire cast of Bravo’s breakout hit knows a lot about gold and everything upper class but what about Asa. The health, environmental and politically conscience member of the cast makes her declaration that she has some wealth to brag about.

Asa can be seen as the anti lux of the cast of Shahs of Sunset and yet she does a video bragging about luxury. Shahs of Sunset co star Reza Farahan is also in the video. He makes a shirtless cameo appearance. I don’t know to much about gold but I do know this song is going and has gone nowhere. Keep trying Asa but your music is a long way from going Gold.