Asa Diamond water

Asa’s Diamond Water

The Incarnation of Asa’s Diamond Water.

Okay girl, this is where I knew for sure Asa was more than just eccentric. She is crazy. This was the first time fans get to know about Asa’s business endeavor ‘Diamond Water’. Shortly after the chaotic trip to Las Vegas which ended in GG and Anita feuding Asa felt motivated by the drama feeling recharged. Diamond Water is a term she came up with to describe a feeling she has. She collects flowers that are prevalent in Iran and reminds her of her grandmother. Then she goes to the ocean and gets a big flask of water and puts diamonds in it. After the energy of the diamonds to get infused in the water and then puts the flower petals in there and puts the water in little bottles for herself. Once she sips the diamond water it instantly connects her to her inner Aries Fire Dragon Intergalactic Persian Princess. It’s like magic to her. Wow! I didn’t make this up.

In an appearance on What What Happens Live she talks more about the Diamond water and the price. You can actually get the diamond water from It’s going to cost under $3 apparently. She now calls herself the Priestess of Diamond Water.