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Shahs of Sunset Preview

Reza FarahanIn this 2 and half minute clip it looks like on season 3 of Shahs of Sunset it’s definitely going down. The cast we have all fallen in love with will return, MJ, Reza, GG, Lilly, Mike and Asa are still hanging on to their friendship. But with personal issues and disputes some friendships might be completely torn apart. The gang travels around the world to several locations including Turkey and an unforgettable visit right outside of Iran where Reza and Asa were born. It seemed very emotional for Reza who has since broken away from his family’s religion and beliefs and has come out. He realizes his freedom and how long he has since come. The season also sees a series of drama for Reza. He and his partner might be over after he walks in to his boyfriend with a new guy. He and his longtime buddy Mike seem to be going at it from business drama. Poor Reza.

Lilly GhalichiMJ tries to rekindle a relationship with her overbearing and controlling mother. In season 2 she and her mom went to therapy to dissolve their issues with one another. MJ’s mom has always been critical of everything MJ does from her weight, her career to her relationships with men. This time MJ wants to have a real mother and daughter bond. But MJ can’t seem to shake the drama. The outspoken big breasted star is in feuds with GG and fresh face Lilly Ghalichi. MJ tells the persian barbie “you and coconut can circle all the way back to Texas, these are not your friends.” OUCH!

MJ Mercedes JavidMike tries to make it official with his girlfriend Jessica who we briefly met in season 2. It looks like the couple is tying the knot but is this playboy officially ready to settle down. This is going to be something heavy this season. Make sure to catch Shahs of Sunset season 3 on Bravo this November.

MJ Mercedes David

MJ’s Best Moments from Shahs of Sunset

Mercedes David, MJ and Her Highlights from Shahs Season 2

This is my favorite scene from Shahs of Sunset season 2. The chemistry between Reza and MJ is undeniably funny and the best. The two argue and hate each other one minute and are back to loving each other the next. In this clip the gang was on a vacation. At the end of the night Mike, Asa, Reza and MJ were chilling at the hotel room when the two exchanged words in Farsi. They were obviously both intoxicated but Asa and Mike enjoyed the entire show. The two roughed each other up and began a chase through the hotel. Reza sneaked up from around the corner and ambushed her with a bottle of champagne that exploded in her eyes. Oh gosh the moments.

This is another scene from the cast trip. MJ enlist Reza to help her put herself together for their walk to the beach. MJ wore a revealing bikini that had a lot of junk hanging out. Mike enters the room as the alpha male enticing the situation.

This is one of MJ’s more serious moments from Shahs. The feud between Lilly and MJ escalated. Asa brings up the things MJ has said about Lilly like calling her a Chia pet. Lilly addresses the situation saying that MJ has been acting funny towards her because she just doesn’t like her. Reza ignited it by confirming that Mj has called Lilly a Chia pet and her wig walks into the room an hour before she does. Wow! MJ in turn calls all her friends including Asa a liar and claims she’s disgusted by them. This was a poignant part in the show where her bond with her long time friends started to dissolve.

This is a clip from season 1 when Sammy was an official cast member on Shahs of Sunset. He was eventually replaced in season 2 by Persian barbie Lilly Ghalichi. I was a little uncomfortable watching this. MJ was hanging out with Sammy and their friend Navid. While Sammy is on a date Navid is being really physically aggresive with MJ. He tried putting moves on her that could almost be taken as s*xual assault. It looked funny initial as MJ was squirming in her seat as Navid tried to put his arms around her but things just got wrong real quick. Sammy should have stood up for MJ and told Navid that he was blatantly disrespectful. She puts it best when she says she’s in the arms of an Octopus. Sammy tries so hard to ignore it, looking so freaking stupid. That ordeal should have been the last time she talked to Sammy.

Mercedes David MJ

MJ’s Date with Persian Drake

Shahs of Sunset Romantic Moment – MJ Dates Drake

This was probably one of the most romantic moments on the entire series of Shahs of Sunset. Fan favorite Mercedes David aka MJ has been struggling with her weight issues and career which has resulted in her failed relationships. The entire series fans have rooted for her but time after time she has had embarrassing and somewhat humiliating moments. Viewers have seen the drunkenness, the gossiping and fighting ignited by MJ which has landed her in hot water with everyone including her best friend Reza. At a point when things couldn’t get any worse she finally meets a potential love connection with a hottie named Drake who is really into her.

In this very cute scene from Shahs season 2 Drake takes MJ away from her birthday party and spends someone one on one time getting to know her. They walk on to the beach while the sun is setting. The moment couldn’t get any better but of course MJ finds a way to kill the vibe. Drake compliments her and says a few cheesy lines and MJ reacts hesitant towards him. She explains she’s having a hard time believing the things he’s saying and struggling to open up to him because of her past relationships. Drake pushes her to have more faith and admits to her he’s been hurt before as well but it’s helped him develop.

Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly Ghalichi’s Best Moments from Shahs of Sunset

Lilly Ghalichi’s Best Moments from Shahs of Sunset Season 2

In this clip from season 2 of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset the show’s most loved star Reza meets his new Persian Princess. Lilly Ghalichi becomes Reza’s client. She is trying to move out of her LA apartment on Sunset BLVD that she’s lived in for the last 8 years since she moved from Houston Texas. Her boyfriend of 10 years still lives in Texas and wants to rekindle their relationship. Part of the conditions she’s laid out for him is to move to LA with her. The big hair and tiny waist are adored by Reza who is the ultimate gay. He obsesses over her and even says he wants to skin her and wear her as fur. Wow! Their talk of relationships lead them to her hooking him up on a blind date which didn’t end up so well. During this brief house tour it doesn’t lead to buy from Lilly but this is the beginning of their friendship.

In this next video clip from Shahs Lilly is in the middle of doing “important” work for her swimsuit line. She’s sitting at a desk typing on a laptop which looks like she’s doing work. Lilly appreciates her employee Jewel who she has nicknamed Foofer. It turned into Foofer nutter, which later transformed to Foofer Nutter Peanut Butter. Yeah Lilly is definitely made for television. The name later got worse to Cooter Lover. Lilly got her a mouse pad with her new name on it. Oh gosh.

Season 2 of Shahs not only introduced us to new cast member Lilly but her dog Coconut as well. She adores her and gives this dog everything including her own hairstylist. The dog groomer does hair for Eva Longoria, which I wouldn’t brag about. He helps bath and wash the dog before styling her hair. Coconut also doesn’t like to play outside or dirt, yeah this pup definitely belongs to a Persian Princess.

This has to be one of the more outrageous moments of season 2 when Lilly confesses to having cellulite. I wasn’t sure if she was saying this just to seem normal but it’s odd that someone as tiny as her has cellulite. She also claims her skin is starting to sag a little. Of course you know Asa gave homegirl the evil eye. Mike puts it best when he says “she’s talking like a psycho, she has zero fat and she’s talking about getting cellulite removed.” Lilly claims she’s chasing perfection which to her is happiness. She even ask Asa to come with her.

In this final footage from season 2 of Shahs Lilly opens up her personal life to viewers. She goes on a blind date with a guy named Hadi, not Hottie. He gets a little shaken up by “her beauty” which might be the reason why he has little to say. But the date gets a little awkward when she says she talks to her boyfriend everyday. She brings up her ex-fiance a lot in the conversation, and explains how much she still loves him. She even goes as far as saying she wishes her boyfriend was there. Oh girl stop it!!

Lilly Ghalichi

Meet Lilly Ghalichi

Who is Shahs of Sunset Lilly Ghalichi?

persian Barbie Lilly GhalichiThe newest addition to Bravo’s breakout hit Shahs of Sunset, Lilly Ghalichi. She’s a petite, lace front wig wearing fashionista who’s waist line is as small as her brain size. Well not really, Lilly is well educated and comes from a Persian family of lawyers and doctors. She was born and raised in Houston Texas and moved to LA 8 years ago. Lilly has stated that her experience in law school for three years was a rough one. She remembers many nights she would fall asleep crying thinking it would never be over with the work load. While going to Law School she decided to drop out to follow her love and passion for fashion. She start a swimsuit line. Her favorite designer is Herve Leger. She has a wardrobe full of designer wear but donates a majority of her worn clothing. She was still practicing law when she took a loan from her parents to open her own business.

Lilly has a lot going on with failing relationships, building her career, and struggling to form a friendship with the already established cast of Shahs of Sunset. It was an initial battle meeting the girls especially GG, who didn’t take a liking to Lilly whatsoever. Lilly is definitely the Persian Barbie and of course would have a lot of haters. She is also in a rocky relationship with a boyfriend of 10 years.

She claims she eats a ton of junk food and her LA apartment is filled with barbecue chips in the pantry. It’s ahrd to believe with a waist so tiny. But she maintains her figure with rigorous high interval workouts. She also doesn’t drink alcohol. Lilly currently lives on Sunset Blvd with a gorgeous view from her 1,000 square foot apartment.She lives alone with her dog Coconut. But she travels back and forth between Houston and Los Angeles.

Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly Ghalichi Instagram Pics

Lilly Ghalichi Looks Stunning at Fashion Week

Shahs of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi looks absolutely amazing at the Charbel Zoe fashion show during fashion week.  We all know Lilly is a little self obsessed and has topped GG for the diva of the show. The Persian barbie looked flawless and personally this is the best she has ever looked.

She posted the pics seen chilling with Michael Costello a former contestant on Project Runway. Lilly wore a gorgeous dress by her friend Walter Mendez. He does men and women’s clothing. His style is form fitting and modern. He’s deisgned clothing for Christina Milian, Vivica A Fox, Jesse McCartney, Sarah Hyland, Gretchen Rossi from Real Hosuewives of Beverly Hills and now Lilly.

She rocked a black dress with a sheer bottom and the straps were diamonds designed by kaiio jewelry. Lilly of course wore the same makeup but still looked flawless front row at the fashion shows. Fans of course are waiting for season 3 of Bravo’s hit series Shahs of Sunset which airs November 4th 2013.

Asa Diamond water

Asa’s Diamond Water

The Incarnation of Asa’s Diamond Water.

Okay girl, this is where I knew for sure Asa was more than just eccentric. She is crazy. This was the first time fans get to know about Asa’s business endeavor ‘Diamond Water’. Shortly after the chaotic trip to Las Vegas which ended in GG and Anita feuding Asa felt motivated by the drama feeling recharged. Diamond Water is a term she came up with to describe a feeling she has. She collects flowers that are prevalent in Iran and reminds her of her grandmother. Then she goes to the ocean and gets a big flask of water and puts diamonds in it. After the energy of the diamonds to get infused in the water and then puts the flower petals in there and puts the water in little bottles for herself. Once she sips the diamond water it instantly connects her to her inner Aries Fire Dragon Intergalactic Persian Princess. It’s like magic to her. Wow! I didn’t make this up.

In an appearance on What What Happens Live she talks more about the Diamond water and the price. You can actually get the diamond water from It’s going to cost under $3 apparently. She now calls herself the Priestess of Diamond Water.

Golnesa Anita Shahs of Sunset

Golnesa Freaks Out

GG Golnesa Fights With Anita – Shahs of Sunset Season 1 Clip

Anita and GG fightReza was throwing a champagne party at his crib in Los Angeles. Of course GG had an altercation with Reza’s friend Anita which started during their trip to Las Vegas. Anita had heard MJ and GG giggling about her across the table during dinner. Well of course MJ runs her mouth and tells Anita what GG said. It was a harmless joke GG made about her outfit saying she bought it last season and Anita got it off the sales rack.

The comment blew up and turned into a big fight at Reza’s condo. Reza, MJ and season 1′s Sammy hopes into the fight. It was obvious this was not going to get settled. It did seem clear that GG was a bit of a hater and was talking about Anita the entire trip in Las Vegas. When they first returned to LA, Reza had a talk with Anita about what happened and explained it was all jealousy on GG’s part. Reza tries to diffuse the situation and explained that he is too rich to have all this drama. But the video is a result of what happened when the two ladies meet for the first time since their trip.

This clip was from season 1 of Shahs of Sunset.

Reza Farahan season 1 shahs of sunset

Reza Talks To His Father

Reza Farahan Talks to His Father and Family – Shahs of Sunset Clip

Reza Farahan FatherThis was probably one of the most poignant episodes of the series. Shahs of Sunset now in it’s third season has become a breakout hit for Bravo. Creator Ryan Seacrest developed the show in 2009 following a group of Persian friends. The show’s cast shares their personal stories, lives, careers and relationships on the reality series. It has helped to debunk some stereotypes that Americans hold towards Persians. One of Shahs most popular characters Reza Farahan has an “A-ha” moment while meeting with his father’s side of the family. For year’s he’s felt a sense of rejection from his father because of his sexuality and the broken relationship between his mom and dad. He also felt his father’s mom didn’t love him because he wasn’t Jewish.

Reza has come all the way from California to New York to finally have the long awaited talk with his father. He explains his poor behavior in relationships is a result of how his father treated his mom. His father expresses how ashamed he was of what he had done. He cheated on Reza’s mom and felt he caused enough damage which lead him to move out and start a new family. He had since failed to keep a relationship with Reza. Reza has a deep seeded hate for his grandmother. She is Jewish and Reza’s mom is Muslim which caused a rift between his parent’s relationship. It lead to their divorce. His father admits it was stupid and declares he is here now for him.

In this clip we get to see a more personal side of Reza one that’s overshadowed by his loud mouth and flamboyant personality. Fans have fallen in love with that but this makes him more likeable. He gets emotional as he has a breakthrough with his step mom who admits she has wanted to have a relationship with him for years. MJ joined him along on the trip to New York.


Reza Loves White Guys and Ryan Gosling

Shahs of Sunset Reza Farahan Talks Guys

Ryan Gosling Reza's crushIn these exclusive clips from Hulu Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan discusses his love for Ryan Gosling. We’ve all been there before gushing over a celebrity or movie star. But at 30 something is it okay for a grown man to feel this crazy about a Hollywood A-lister he may never meet?

“It’s as if [god] took every perfect body part and glued them together to create [the Canadian actor]” A subtle way Farahan describes his infatuation for Ryan. When he closes his eyes Reza says she can see Ryan Gosling. The perfect specimen got created from a “Sears catalog”. Okay Reza. He also openly admits he loves the Notebook and has five copies in his stash. It’s obviously not a guilty pleasure the way he rants about Ryan and his performance in the film. He was first introduced to Ryan through the film and claims his first scene in the movie he could hear love songs in his head. He also says Ryan can do anything except vote Republican and he would still love him. Check out the clip above the jump.

In this hilarious scene from Shahs of Sunset season 2 we get even deeper with Reza. Viewers find out what turns him on. It’s a certain type of guy that he is after. The Yummy white Bleeps. On his visit to NYC with best friend MJ Reza drive through the city decked out with designer shades, a white linen suit and a black BMW. All he can see is White Yummy h*s in the streets of Manhattan. He describes Manhattan as a toy store. He cruises the city and hollers at almost every guy he drives past. MJ says his type of the complete opposite of him, barely legal. This hilarious and offensive video is why we love this show, Reza just says it like it is and isn’t afraid of the consequences.